Vision and Mission of ZPI

Vision statement

Our vision is to promote a focused vocational and technical skills to youths and enable them to realize their full potential and contribute skills to a meaningfully and building the Nation.

Mission statement

At Zoom Polytechnic Institute (ZPI) we strive to create a safe environment where all students can learn. Learning at ZPI is an inclusive and collaborative effort of students, staff, family, and community. This collaboration creates the foundation to participate responsibly, to utilize technology, to succeed in the workplace or post-secondary education, and achieve optimal individual growth in a diverse and changing world.


a) Providing more preferred ICT and Business trainings on certificate and diploma level (NACTE) which add value to the economic development of our nation.

b) Extending our market outreach for the trainings we offer across the Lake zone region.

c) Improve quality education offered in the Institute by setting a very attractive studying environment with all the required learning facilities; including Institute library.

d) Extending the sponsorship for further studies; degree studies in UK for those who will have passed excellently their diploma courses in IT and Business Studies.

e) To raise the quality of vocational education training being provided.

f) To satisfy the demand of labour market for employees with trade and technical skills in order to improve production and productivity of the economy.

g) To promote a flexible training approach and appropriate teaching methodology.